Buy cheese online

Buy cheese online at our webshop with all the traditional Dutch products. Mainly we offer different kinds of cheese from various brands from the Netherlands. When you’re looking for the regular kind you always buy, you’ll discover more than just your favourite. Holland had many tastes of cheeses to offer. They seem the same, but preparations and ingredients can differ. Look at our collection and there are pictures and descriptions of the products. Even though it’s not possible to smell or touch it, you can read and see what you’re about to order when you buy cheese online.

Buy cheese online, all the Dutch you need

Our customers can choose from the following products if they decide to buy cheese online:

This is just a small selection from the assortment that is presented on Take all the time you need to compose your order. Especially if you’d like to try more than the regular one you eat daily. Perhaps it’s nice when you have guests over to serve them a plate with various pieces of different tastes.

Buy cheese online

Prepare and eat

When cheese is served, it’s important to prepare it well before it’s eaten. Not only can you buy cheese online, but we also have tools and equipment for the preparation of cheese. In our assortment we have slicers, slicer graters, curlers, boards and domes. There are descriptions of the tools and videos on which you can see how to use the tools. This to make sure our customers know how to use it and with which cheese you should use it. Our website is more than a webshop, it informs the customers about all the Dutch products and how to use and prepare it to enjoy its taste at its best.