Camembert Calvados | 150 grams

The Camembert Calvados is a wonderful combination of the two largest export products from Normandy: Camembert and Calvados. The cheese has been AOC certified since 1983.


Camembert Calvados is a 290-year-old cheese made in the north of France, in Normandy, from raw cow's milk. It is one of the most famous white-flora cheeses in the world. Camembert Calvados is characterized by a pronounced fragrance. The outside of the cheese is quite sharp and salty in taste with notes of apple thanks to the Calvados, while the inside is soft and creamy. Delicious in combination with Calvados.

45+ Raw cow's milk, animal rennet, salt, white mold culture, wheat flour, calvados Normand.

Nutritional values - allergens
Limited shelf life Limited shelf life
Dimension whole cheese N/A
Brand Camembert Calvados
Flavor strength Soft
Country origin France
Nutritional information per 100 grams
fat (gr) 18,4
Saturated fat (gr) 14
Calcium (mg) N/A
Calories (kcal) 292
Kilojoules (KJ) 1222
Carbohydrates (gr) 6,5
Protein (gr) 22
Sodium (mg) N/A
Type of milk Cow
Pasteurised No
Lactose free No
Gluten free No
Type of rennet Abomasal rennet
Sugar free Yes
May contain traces of peanuts. Yes
Edible cheese rind Yes
Recipe N/A
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