Swiss Cheese Fondue Set Boska

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An authentic Swiss cheese fondue set of Boska. This cheese fondue set has a large flameproof fonduetop. This makes sure that the cheese fondue will be a pleasure and for an enjoyable evening!

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An authentic Swiss cheese fondue set of Boska. This cheese fondue set has a large flameproof fonduetop. This makes sure that the cheese fondue will be a pleasure and for an enjoyable evening!


  • Fonduetop contents fondue: 1.7 L
  • Fonduetop Size32x22x8, 5cm
  • Fonduetop is direct fireproof - can be used on the stove but not on induction.
  • Fondue pot is made of Ceramics
  • 6 fondue forks
  • Freestanding stove with alcohol / gel burner

This fondue is suitable for:

  • Cheese Fondue
  • Meat Fondue / Fondue Broth
  • chocolate fondue
  • Oil fondue

Boska Holland:
At Boska Holland we’ve been crazy about cheese for over 100 years! It all started near Gouda (NL), homeof the original Gouda cheeses, where Willem Bos made his first cheese tools for local cheese farmers. Fromthat day it’s our family tradition to inspire you on your journey through the delicious cheeses of the world.Explore cheese and enjoy it!

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