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Lactose-free cheese

* All cheeses in the range contain no lactose. These are lactose-free cheeses.

A delicious lactose-free cheese

Do you have lactose intolerance? Then our lactose free cheese is ideal. Now you too can enjoy a savoury snack, a tasty bite or a delicious sandwich without adverse effects. Many people think that lactose free cheese will taste differently to normal cheese, but that's not true. 'Lactose-free' does not mean that your cheese has less character or taste. All the cheeses on this page are tasty, creamy and full of flavour. As a rule, it is difficult to determine whether a cheese contains a small amount of lactose or whether all the milk sugar has completely disappeared from the cheese. Here with us, you will only find cheeses completely free of lactose, so you do not have to worry about that. All our lactose-free cheeses are therefore perfectly suited for people with lactose intolerance. Also in people without proven allergies, lactose can cause annoying complaints. Do you belong to this group? Then you can always try a lactose-free cheese and discover if that suits you better.

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What is lactose-free cheese?

Almost every type of milk contains milk sugar, also called lactose. Lactose is a carbohydrate and occurs not only in milk itself but also in all products made with milk. Normally, lactose is broken down by the body, but in people with lactose intolerance, this does not, or only partly, happen. In this group of people, the body naturally builds too little lactase, which means that the milk sugar is not processed and yeast enters the intestine. For these people, eating cheese or consuming other milk products can lead to annoying gastrointestinal or intestinal complaints. A lactose-free cheese contains no lactose, or only a minute amount, which means it will not cause these complaints.

Breakdown of lactose in mature cheese

Lactose intolerance is less common with a mature cheese than with young, mild or fresh cheeses. This has to do with the ripening (maturing) of the cheese; the older the block of cheese, the less lactose remains inside it. The milk sugar is in time completely broken down, which also allows people with lactose intolerance to enjoy it. Most hard cheeses, such as crumbly Gouda cheese or Old Amsterdam, are completely lactose-free. Also, in most of the extra-mature cheeses, little to no lactose is present. If you notice that you are suffering after eating mild cheese, fresh cheese or cream cheese, try out if a mature, hard cheese remedies the problem. If so, then you know that lactose-free cheese can be something to choose in future!