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Gouda Cheese Shop because pleasure knows no bounds

Andre Peters grew up in the vicinity of the cheese city of Gouda. He noticed that the villages in the young Flevoland were slowly but surely developing and seized the opportunity to serve this new market. Kaashandel Peters was born. Since the 1970s, Kaashandel Peters has been a household name in the markets of Flevoland with a wide range of Gouda cheese, farmhouse cheese, cumin cheese, and Frisian Clove Cheese.

Today, it's Mark and Walter, the sons of Andr, who operate on more than ten markets in Flevoland. With passion and hard work, they lead Kaashandel Peters in an innovative way. For several years now, they have been the proud owners of the popular website Gouda Cheese Shop. This way, they manage to reach both the business and private markets at home and in Europe en the rest of the World.

What's special about Gouda Cheese Shop. nl is that both businesses and individuals can order typically Dutch products such as Gouda cheese, fresh stroopwafels, dried sausages, flower bulbs, cheese slicers, and fondue pots. Custom (Christmas) packages can even be created via the website. Gouda Cheese Shop. nl handles the processing and shipping entirely. Authentic Dutch gifts with great nostalgic value are now within everyone's reach.

With Gouda Cheese Shop. nl, you're a bit at home anywhere in the world. Via Gouda Cheese Shop you can order more than 350 types of cheese fresh from the knife. The order is vacuum-packed and, if necessary, provided with a special cool pack. While cheese can withstand temperature changes well, a cool pack ensures that the cheese remains continuously cooled.

Payment is possible via Credit card, PayPal, Klarna, iDeal, or bank transfer. Businesses can also order on account.

Shipping is done via DHL, Post NL, and DPD. Naturally, you can track your package throughout the shipment via track and trace.

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