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Norwegian cheese

Norwegian cheese

When you think of delicious foreign cheese, you may not immediately think of cheese from Norway. Norwegian cheese is also not widely sold in our country.

Nevertheless, Scandinavian cheeses are gaining more and more ground nowadays. Rightly so, because these cheeses are delicious.

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Gjetost Gudbrandsdalen | Norwegian Brown Cheese - Gudbrandsdalsost
The Gjetost Gudbrandsalen is a real national product of which Norwa... more info
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Norwegian cheese for the foodie

Have you been eating the same cheese day after day for years now? Would you like to try something different? Then Norwegian cheese is definitely recommended. Although cheese from Norway is still relatively unknown to many, it is definitely a cheese that you must have tasted.

Norwegian cheese tastes different from all other cheeses that you have enjoyed in your life. After all, cheeses from Norway are sweeter than other cheeses. Norwegian cheese is delicious on bread. Or eat it, like the Norwegians eat it, on toast.

Gjetost Gudbrandsdalen Norwegian cheese

Gjetost Gudbrandsdalen is a whey cheese from Norway. It is a national product that Norway is very proud of. This Norwegian cheese is made from a pasteurized mixture of cow's and goat's milk. This creates a wonderfully soft, aromatic cheese. This cheese is pressed and sold in blocks. Gudbrandsdalen is not only popular in Norway, but is also gaining popularity in the rest of the world.

The taste of Gjetost Gudbrandsdalen Norwegian cheese

Gudbrandsdalen is a so-called Norwegian caramel cheese, which owes its brown color to the cooking of the whey. The sweet character of this Norwegian cheese is due to the milk sugar crystals that crystallize during this process. Thanks to the pasteurized mixture of cow’s and goat’s milk that is used for the production of this cheese, the cheese is wonderfully soft and full of flavor. The cheese is delicious in combination with jam or honey on bread. In addition, the cheese contains only 35% fat.