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Young Cheese (+/- ripened for 4 weeks)

Young cheese is cheese that is aged for an average of +/- 4 weeks. Delicious young cheese is available in various shapes and sizes, delicious as a sandwich spread or on its own.

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Young Gouda Cheese | Premium Quality
Young Gouda cheese nice and soft with a smooth taste. The Young Gou... more info
As low as €3.75
Young Gouda Organic Biodynamic cheese - Demeter
The young Gouda Organic biodynamic cheese from Zuiver Zuivel is sof... more info
As low as €7.25
North Holland Gouda Young
North Holland Gouda Young was awarded the Superior Taste Award with... more info
As low as €4.25
Beemster Cheese - Young - Mild | Premium Quality
Beemster Mild is young, creamy, and as its name suggests, mild in f... more info
As low as €4.75
Bastiaansen BIO Cheese Young Cheese
Bastiaansen Young, a delicious cheese that has matured for at least... more info
As low as €6.95
Stompetoren Young | North Holland cheese
Stompetoren Young is a North Holland cheese of approximately 4 week... more info
As low as €4.75
Young Gouda Cheese | Entire cheese 4,5 kilo / 9.9 lbs
Young cheese is produced with a maturation period of just four week... more info
Regular Price €68.95 Special Price €59.95
Gouda Farmer's Cheese | Natural | Entire cheese 400 grams / 0.88 lbs
Handmade using authentic methods, this is a treat for taste buds. W... more info
Bastiaansen BIO Cheese Maasdammer 45+
Discover the beloved Bastiaansen Maasdammer, with its nutty flavor ... more info
As low as €7.25
Naturel | Entire cheese 900 grams / 2 lbs
Discover the surprising taste of our highly flavorful natural chees... more info
Bastiaansen Demeter Cheese Young
Enjoy the subtlety and smoothness of this special cheese, which ele... more info
As low as €7.75
Bastiaansen BIO Cheese Cumin
Taste the classic yet still delicious Bastiaansen organic cumin che... more info
As low as €7.75

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Beemster Young, Graskaas and Stompetoren Young are examples of delicious young cheeses with a soft taste and texture. Beemster Young is a 48+ cheese with a short natural ripening time of 5 weeks. The young cheese is nice, fresh and creamy and very popular among lovers of young cheese. Graskaas has a nice creamy and soft taste. This young cheese also contains less salt. The cheese takes its name from the fresh grass that the cows eat in the spring. Stompetoren Young is also soft and deliciously creamy in taste. This young cheese is characterized by a unique taste due to the ripening process in the special climate in the Stompetoren ripening warehouse.


Boerenpond Kaasje and Baby Gouda are examples of delicious young cheeses with a mild flavor. Baby Gouda of +/- 400 grams is a small version of the traditional Gouda cheese. It is a delicious creamy and soft cheese with a mild, natural taste. Ideal for people who want to enjoy a nice mild cheese every now and then. Boerenpond Kaasje falls under the Gouda Premium brand. There are various variants of this type of young cheese. For example, in addition to Natural, there is also Garlic, Italian Herbs, Green Pesto and Tomato Olives. Each of these cheeses have a wonderfully mild flavor. These cheeses also contain +/- 400 grams.


For lovers of piquant cheese, there is Crustless Cumin Cheese 40+. This cheese is also known as block cheese. A delicious cheese that is nice and creamy and piquant in taste. The cheese owes this spicy taste to the addition of cumin.