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English cheese

English cheese

In the Netherlands, the delicious Cheddar cheeses from England are particularly known. But so many other types of cheese are made in England, from mild to piquant.

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Blue Stilton | Premium Quality
This white cheese with its blue veins is one of the most delicious ... more info
As low as €8.25
Top Hat Cheddar
The Top Hat Cheddar is a cheddar in English traditional style. The ... more info
As low as €7.75
Shropshire Blue | Premium Quality
The Shropshire Blue, also described as a crossing between Stilton a... more info
As low as €9.25
Cheddar Farmhouse Black
The dairy of the Chedder Farmhouse Black is semi-hard and smooth wi... more info
As low as €8.45
Wensleydale cranberries
The Wensleydale with cranberries is made by hand and it is a fresh,... more info
As low as €8.25
Red Cheddar cheese - Mild
The red Cheddar cheese retains its creamy taste and resilient textu... more info
As low as €5.25
Aged leicestershire red
Thanks to the traditional recipe and the special ripening process, ... more info
As low as €9.25
Sage Derby
This gives the cheese a subtle and spicy undertone. The sage is ear... more info

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Mature Clothbound Cheddar
The cheddar cheese is made from pasteurized cow's milk. The cheddar... more info
As low as €11.75
Organic Mild Cheddar
Discover our delicious mild organic cheddar! Prepared with carefull... more info
As low as €6.25
3 X Red Cheddar cheese - Mild - Block  | Together 7,5 kilo / 16.5 lbs
The red Cheddar cheese retains its creamy taste and resilient textu... more info
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Mild English cheese

Red Cheddar is a delicious English cheese with a mild taste. Red Cheddar is also known as Red Leicester. This English cheese has its origin in Leicestershire. Pasteurized cow's milk is used for the production of the cheese. The cheese is characterized by a reddish orange skin with a powdery mold on it. This color is due to the addition of annatto during production. The cheese is aged for an average of 6 to 12 months. The young cheeses are quite mild and have a soft taste and structure.

Spicy English cheese

Aged Leicestershire Red and Cheddar Farmhouse Black are delicious cheeses from England with a spicy taste. Aged Leicestershire Red is English cheese from Leicestershire. The cheese is prepared entirely according to a traditional recipe and is an absolute favorite among cheese lovers. The cheese has already been awarded three times with gold at the International Cheese Awards. It is a unique cheese with a slightly sweet, caramelized and full flavor. Cheddar Farmhouse Black has been produced in Cheddar and other parts of South West England for centuries. This cheese is still made by hand. The semi-hard cheese has a full, rich taste and a unique appearance.


Blue Stilton and Top Hat Cheddar are delicious cheeses from England with a piquant taste. Blue Stilton is one of the tastiest English cheeses. It is a beautiful white, somewhat crumbly cheese, which is completely veined by a blue mold. The soft crust is also edible. During ripening, this English cheese is pricked with long steel pins, so that the blue mold can penetrate nicely into the cheese. Blue Stilton has a unique, typical taste. Top Hat Cheddar is an English traditional style cheddar. A cheese with a slightly grainy structure and a soft, rich taste.