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Lutjewinkel 1916

Lutjewinkel 1916

Discover the village that is known world wide for its cheese: Lutjewinkel. In this town in the North of the Dutch province Noord-Holland they’ve been producing cheese since 1916. They do this with great craftsmanship and with only ingredients of the best quality. 

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The Lutjewinkel 1916 Refined & Creamy is a wonderful cheese tha... more info
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The Lutjewinkel Rich & Creamy has a particular taste that’s in ... more info
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The Lutjewinkel 1916 cheeses are very special. These regionally pro... more info
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NH Lutjewinkel 1916 Spicy and Creamy
The NH Lutjewinkel 1916 Spicy and Creamy is a delicious spicy, crea... more info
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NH Lutjewinkel 1916 Robust and Creamy
As the name already suggests, the NH Lutjewinkel 1916 has a wonderf... more info
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It’s not without reason that their cheese is considered to have the best quality and richest flavor of all cheeses in the world. All cheeses age naturally in wooden shelves, and flavored at the exact right time. With a surprisingly rich taste palette, there’s a variety for every cheese lover. In Lutjewinkel they make soft, young cheeses, as well as intense aged varieties.

Lutjewinkel young and semi matured cheeses

The original Lutjewinkel 1916 48+ (young) cheese is officially recognized as a regional product. This means that it’s only allowed to be made by cheese masters in Noord-Holland. This way they can assure you a traditionally produced cheese, made by true specialists. The cheese is made of high quality meadow milk (just like all of the other varieties), which gives it its characteristic creamy taste.

The Lutjewinkel 1916 Lekker & Licht 35+ (Tasty & Light) contains a lower amount of fat, but still has the characteristic taste of Gouda cheese. The light and creamy taste makes it easy to combine with other foods. Since the texture is quite soft, it’s easy to slice up, for example to put on toast or a sandwich. Last but not least, it melts quickly, and is therefor suitable for grilled cheese sandwiches and as a topping on pizza’s and oven dishes.

Are you looking for a cheese with a bit more spice? Then the Lutjewinkel 1915 Verfijnd & Romig (refined and creamy) is the one for you. This mature cheese has aged longer, and has therefor a more intense, rich taste, but is still very creamy. Even though it is a mature cheese, the proteins have not crystallized yet, which is why it’s easy to slice or to cut into cubes.

Lutjewinkel aged cheeses

If you prefer a fine aged cheese with a salty, spicy taste, the Lutjewinkel 1916 Pittig & Romig (Spicy & Creamy) is the right pick for you. It’s softer and milder than regular aged cheese, but spicier than a semi matured cheese.

Last but not least we have the Lutjewinkel 1916 Robuust & Romig (Robust & Creamy) cheese. This is an intense cheese with a firm bite and strong aroma. It’s dry, hard texture makes it easy to grate, and incorporate in salads or pasta dishes.

Which Lutjewinkel variety is your favorite?