Wholesale - Wholesale consumption

We provide cheese for consumers / private individuals and large consumers.

Are you a large consumer of cheese, do you have a shop or do you trade in cheese?
We supply our entire range of cheese (350 varieties) throughout Europe for large-scale users.

In addition to selling whole cheeses to wholesalers and large consumers. We now also offer a new service.
With our new addition of a cutting machine and an automatic packaging machine, we can expand our range of services.
By means of this refined process we offer a very high quality vacuum seal and representative packaging.

We offer:
Prepackaged cheese with the weights of 250 grams, 500 grams and 1 kilo pieces.
All pieces of cheese are vacuum packed in a representative manner. Shelf life is about 7-8 weeks.
We can also provide the prepackaged pieces of cheese with a personalized article label. With, for example, your company data printed on it.

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