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Greek cheese

Greek cheese usually comes from a specific area, such as a specific region or island in Greece. Most Greek cheeses are made from goat's milk, sheep's milk or a combination of both. Characteristic for this is the area where the goats and sheep graze. This influences the final quality and taste of the Greek cheese. The method of processing is also characteristic. Greek cheese is often still made according to old traditions.

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About Halloumi Greek cheese

The Greek cheese that you can find in our range is Halloumi. This cheese is also known under the names Challúmi and Halumi. It is a semi-hard whey Greek cheese which is made from pasteurized milk from cows, goats and sheep. The cheese contains 43% fat and is characterized by a mild taste. A special ingredient of Halloumi is mint, which is a fresh addition to the cheese. The cheese resembles mozzarella. However, Halloumi has a stronger taste because it is cooked in the whey.

The perfect grill cheese for vegetarians

Halloumi is a real national product and is now also eaten outside Greece. Halloumi is also characterized by the fact that the cheese does not melt. This makes this Greek cheese ideally suited for baking or even being used on the grill. Since vegetarian rennet is used during the production process, the cheese is suitable for vegetarians. The cheese also contains a lot of proteins. The cheese is therefore gaining more and more popularity among vegetarians.

The taste of Greek Halloumi

Halloumi Greek cheese is structurally between feta and mozzarella. The cheese has a mild taste but also has a slightly salty taste. This makes Halloumi a delicious addition to salads, especially when temperatures rise. The grill cheese is also delicious in a wrap or grilled on the BBQ.