Easy Grater

A practical cheese grater with recipient.

Practical cheese grater with recipient for the cheese.

To add the finishing touch to your delicious pasta dish, pizza, soup or salad, sprinkle it with tasty grated cheese! The Boska Easy Grater is a very practical and high quality cheese grater suitable for semi-hard to very hard cheese types. You not only easily grate cheese with the Easy Grater, but also put it on the table with the handy designed recipient! Ideal and cosy on the table.

More information
Dimension whole cheese N/A
Brand Boska
Flavor strength N/A
Country origin Netherlands
Nutritional information N/A
fat (gr) N/A
Saturated fat (gr) N/A
Calcium (mg) N/A
Calories (kcal) N/A
Kilojoules (KJ) N/A
Carbohydrates (gr) N/A
Protein (gr) N/A
Sodium (mg) N/A
Type of milk N/A
Gluten free N/A
Type of rennet N/A
Sugar free N/A
May contain traces of peanuts. N/A
Edible cheese rind N/A
Lactosevrij N/A
Pasteurised N/A
Recipe No
Limited shelf life No
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