Cured Manchego PDO | 6 months


The Manchengo PDO 'Casa' is a Spanish cheese of six months old. This hard cheese is produced in Spain from pasteurized sheep's milk, whereby the cheese is pressed into solid round cheese molds.

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Description Cured Manchego PDO | 6 months

Cheese made from pasteurized Manchega sheep's milk perfect to enjoy at any time. Manchego cheese is made following the antique tradition of ancestors using Manchega sheeps milk cheese. A hard pressed cheese with a rind that reflects a light colour from ivory white to straw yellow. An aroma capable of awakening all the five senses where the primary scents of the sheep stand out and which already denotes the intensity of the cheese. Once on the palate, it is an explosion of flavour where the creaminess and persistent acidity of the milk characterize the cheese. The intense aroma and deep flavour make this cheese a speciality for cheese lovers and gourmets. Due to the characteristics of the cheese, it pairs perfectly with young red and rose wines served as appetizer or dessert. A small bite of the cheese will make you travel through the authentic Spanish flavour.

Manchego Cheese is a Protected Designation of Origin. It is a pressed cheese made only from the milk of Manchega sheeps breed registered in the regulatory council. It cannot be mixed with milk of any other animals, not even other breeds of sheep. Moreover, it has to be produced inside Castilla – La Mancha region in Spain.

Fat 50+ , pasteurised Sheep's milk, salt, stabilizer: calcium chloride, lactic ferments, coagulant (chymosin produced by submerged fermentation on a vegetable substrate), preservative: lysozyme (contains egg).

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The hard structure of Manchego cheese makes it perfectly suitable for sending by post.This is an orginal Spanish Manchego cheese.

Manchego cheese

The Manchengo PDO 'Casa' is a Spanish cheese of six months old. This hard cheese is produced in Spain from pasteurized sheep's milk, whereby the cheese is pressed into solid round cheese molds. The cheese contains 50% fat and has a nice full aromatic flavour. According to the authentic recipe, the cheese can only be made with milk from the Manchenga sheep. This classic sheep cheese is now the most important Spanish cheese both inside and outside the Spanish borders.

Temperamental cheese

The fact that the Manchengo is a Spanish cheese is apparently clear by the temperamental flavours of this cheese. It is a cheese of which the full aroma is best appreciated when you enjoy it in it’s pure form. In cubes, as dessert on a cheese platter, or during a pleasant evening as a tasty snack. Served with a nice red wine that also comes from Spain it is at it’s best.


More information

Dimension whole cheese 22 x 12 cm
Brand Lordi Quesos
Flavor strength Pithy
Country origin Spain
Nutritional information per 100 grams
fat (gr) 35
Saturated fat (gr) 24
Calcium (mg) 700
Calories (kcal) 417
Kilojoules (KJ) 1728
Carbohydrates (gr) 1
Protein (gr) 24,5
Sodium (mg) 753
Type of milk Sheep
Type of rennet Rennet
Lactose-free Yes
Pasteurized Yes/No Pasteurized
Limited shelf life No

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Excellent taste for my grandson who has special taste bud and found it to be delicious. Delivery and package very good.
Spanischer Käse
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sehr sehr gut, Preis- Leistungsverhältnis spitze, Lieferung sehr schnell, auch danke für as Käsepapier.

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