North Holland Gouda Young Matured

North Holland Gouda Young Matured is aged for approximately 6 weeks. The ripening process takes slightly more time than the ripening process of the North Holland Gouda Young. As a result, the taste is slightly more developed and is more powerful than the taste of the young variety. Young Matured has a creamy, pure and strong taste.

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North Holland Gouda Young Matured is a delicious, soft, creamy cheese. Young Matured has matured a little longer than the young variety, which means that the cheese has a slightly stronger taste.

Fat 48+, pasteurized cow's milk, rennet, starter, salt

Your piece of North Holland Gouda Young Matured is freshly cut to size and vacuum packed.
This is an original Beemster cheese from the Netherlands:


North Holland Gouda Young Matured is a true specialty from North Holland. The young matured cheese is made under strict requirements in the unique cheese factory of Lutjewinkel by experienced cheese masters. The cheese also bears the Red Seal. This means that the cheese is made according to an authentic recipe, with 100% pure North Holland meadow milk.


North Holland Gouda Young Matured is, just like North Holland Gouda Young, enjoyed by many people during breakfast or lunch. Thanks to the creamy, somewhat strong taste and the soft, creamy consistency, the cheese is delicious for sandwiches. Also delicious as a snack with drinks.

More information
Dimension whole cheese 35 cm Ø x 11,5 cm H
Brand Lutjewinkel
Flavor strength Mild
Country origin Netherlands
Nutritional information per 100 grams
fat (gr) 32,5
Saturated fat (gr) 20
Calcium (mg) 815
Calories (kcal) 368
Kilojoules (KJ) 1526
Protein (gr) 24,4
Sodium (mg) 708
Type of milk Cow
Gluten free Yes
Type of rennet Vegaterian rennet (microbial)
Sugar free Yes
May contain traces of peanuts. No
Edible cheese rind No
Lactosevrij No
Pasteurised No
Limited shelf life No
Made of Meadow Milk Meadow milk comes from farms where the cows are free to roam in meadows for at least 120 days each year, from Springtime through to the Autumn, and for at least 6 hours a day.
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