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The Royal Blue is an absolute winner among the old cheeses. It is a cheese that every old cheese lover should try. A Dutch cheese "for people with taste". The Royal Blue is an old cheese that has aged for 14 months and is spicy and rich in taste, with a little sweetness.

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The Royal Blue is rich and spicy in taste, with a little sweetness at the same time. A pleasant, unique taste. It’s no surprise that the Royal Blue won the Superior Taste Award in 2017. Moreover, this cheese has been awarded a 2-star rating by a jury of 135 chefs and sommeliers. An absolute winner for every cheese lover.

Fat 48+, pasteurized cow’s milk, rennet, protein, salt, natural preservative, natural colorant

Your cheese is freshly cut and vacuum-packaged!
The hard structure of Royal Blue makes it perfectly suitable for sending by post.


The Royal Blue is aged by cheese wholesale Remijn in Kerkdriel. Cheese wholesale Remijn is a family business and has been serving cheese wholesalers, specialty cheese shops, markets and cheese farmers at home with its products for more than 35 years. Cheese wholesale Remijn specializes in ripening and distributing Dutch quality cheese. Many different cheeses are matured in the ripening warehouse in Kerkdriel. Think of CONO cheese, farm cheese, goat cheese, sheep cheese, herb cheese and organic cheese. Royal Blue is one of the specialties matured and distributed by cheese wholesale Remijn.


Given the full, rich and spicy taste with a light sweetness, this cheese is perhaps the best enjoyed on its own. Just like that, you can enjoy it unrestrained and you can taste the pure, delicious taste of the cheese. But also as a sandwich topping this is a great cheese. In any case, it is a must for any old cheese lover. The Royal Blue is one of the best old cheeses and has rightly won several prizes.

More information
Dimension whole cheese 37 cm Ø x 11 cm H
Brand Gouda Premium
Flavor strength Piquant
Country origin Netherlands
Nutritional information per 100 grams
fat (gr) 32,5
Saturated fat (gr) 20
Calcium (mg) 871
Calories (kcal) 368
Kilojoules (KJ) 1526
Protein (gr) 24,4
Sodium (mg) 791
Type of milk Cow
Gluten free Yes
Type of rennet Abomasal rennet
Sugar free Yes
May contain traces of peanuts. Yes
Edible cheese rind No
Lactosevrij Yes
Pasteurised Yes
Limited shelf life No
Made of Meadow Milk Meadow milk comes from farms where the cows are free to roam in meadows for at least 120 days each year, from Springtime through to the Autumn, and for at least 6 hours a day.
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