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Stompetoren Matured has been awarded the title of "tastiest cheese in the Netherlands" in the past. It is therefore the best known variant among the Stompetoren cheeses. This cheese is full and rich in taste thanks to the natural ripening process of 4 months. Enjoy sublime smoothness and a beautiful full taste.

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The matured Stompetoren cheese owes its taste to the milk used for its production. This is because milk from North Holland is ideally suited for cheese production. Cows graze in the province of North Holland through the green, fertile pastures. Thanks to the fresh sea breeze, which supplies pure air, and the clay soil, these pastures are completely green. As a result, the cheese makers have to add less salt. Cheese made from pasture milk is therefore also healthier. In addition, this cheese is also creamier in taste, among other things due to softer milk fat.

Fat 48+, pasteurized cow’s milk, Vegaterian rennet (microbial), protein, salt, natural preservative, natural colorant

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The matured Stompetoren has its origins in the eponymous town in North Holland. In this town the cows, whose milk is used during the production of this cheese, graze daily. The cheese factory that produces the Stompetoren cheeses is located in Westbeemster. This is the CONO cheese factory, one of the best and greenest cheese makers in the Netherlands. Here the cheese makers still stir the curd by hand and the cheese is produced as energy-efficiently as possible. In the special Stompetoren ripening warehouse, the matured Stompetoren is then naturally matured under a relatively high temperature and high humidity.


What is the best way to combine the matured Stompetoren cheese? You can combine this delicious, creamy cheese in various ways. Simply on its own, on a cheese board in combination with a good glass of wine, or in dishes.

More information
Dimension whole cheese 37 cm Ø x 11 cm H
Brand Stompetoren
Flavor strength Pithy
Country origin Netherlands
Nutritional information per 100 grams
fat (gr) 32,5
Saturated fat (gr) 20
Calcium (mg) 821
Calories (kcal) 368
Kilojoules (KJ) 1526
Protein (gr) 24,4
Sodium (mg) 719
Type of milk Cow
Gluten free Yes
Type of rennet Vegaterian rennet (microbial)
Sugar free Yes
May contain traces of peanuts. Yes
Edible cheese rind No
Lactosevrij No
Pasteurised Yes
Limited shelf life No
Made of Meadow Milk Meadow milk comes from farms where the cows are free to roam in meadows for at least 120 days each year, from Springtime through to the Autumn, and for at least 6 hours a day.
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