Whole cheeses for those who can never have enough cheese

For every cheese enthusiast it is often a complaint that they can only get small portions of cheese in the supermarket. When you get a slice, nicely wrapped for you, it is always a slice that comes from a bigger cheese. This bigger cheese is the whole cheese. When you are in the supermarket and they have a cheese section, you can see the big round wheels stacked up behind the counter. This is how the cheeses are when they are shipped. They are then cut into pieces for the consumer to use. However, not all consumers want a small piece. Some just want the entire whole cheese. They want the wheel. If you are one of those people who just wants a whole wheel of cheese, you can just buy them. Since these wheels of cheese are quite heavy and therefore difficult to transport, it might be a good idea to order these whole cheeses online. If so, then you can find these wheels of cheese via goudacheeseshop.com. If you would like to know more about the various options, you can find more information below.

Different sorts of whole cheese

It is one thing to want a whole cheese, but of course it is also important that you can buy the whole cheese of your choice. Luckily you have many options when you choose to get your whole cheeses from goudacheeseshop.com. For instance, you can choose a whole cheese of Matured Gouda cheese. This cheese has matured for about 16 to 18 weeks. This makes the cheese a bit stronger than its young counterpart. However, it is still a lot milder then the older cheeses. A perfect balance between the old and the young. Another option you have when it comes to a whole cheese is the Old Amsterdam Whole cheese. This cheese has a rich full flavour and because of that it has been awarded with the Superior Taste award in 2014. If you like quality cheese in large quantities, then a whole cheese of Old Amsterdam is a very good choice. Of course you have more choices. To find out all the options regarding whole cheeses, you can just visit the website and search for whole cheese. This will bring you to the section of the website with all the whole cheeses.

Order the cheese any way you like

You can order the whole cheese as a whole, but you can also choose to have it sent to you in two halves or four quarters. When the cheese is send as a whole, it is send as it is. It is protected by its own hard cover. When it is cut, the inside is of course exposed. But no need to worry, because all the different parts (halves or quarters) will be packaged in vacuum. This way the original freshness remains during shipment and of course also at your home as long as you do not unpack it.